Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf and is a part of Hormozgan Province in the south of Iran. It was known as AbarKavan in Sassanid Dynasty.
The city of Qeshm is located in the eastern part of the island and although it is geometrically a central location in the island, it has always been of high strategic importance (because of having a wide view of south, north, east, and Strait of Hormuz, and its proximity to Bandar Abbas etc.) and is considered the main residential area of the island. Choosing the city of Qeshm as the center of free economic-industrial zone has increased its importance.


Chahkuh is an amazing gorge is 70 kilometers away from the city of Qeshm and near Eastern Chahou village. Hollows and chambers in this gorge have created a surreal area on the sides of the gorge leaves visitors breathless. Similar geological structures can be found in Germany, England, China, the US and several other countries.

جزیره ناز
Naaz Island

This Island is 22 kilometers away from the city of Qeshm and it is one of the most important islands in the region. This is the only island where you can go for a walk in the  blue sea for up to one kilometer away from Naaz Island.

جنگل های حرا
Mangrove Forests

Khourkhouran mangrove forests and swamp conservations area 34 kilometers away from the city of Qeshm where mangrove trees grow around Qeshm Island. Channels through these forest that are home to beautiful birds and its pristine wildlife is one of fascinating tourist attraction of Hormozgan Province.

دره ستاره ها
Valley of Stars
Valley of stars is 15 kilometers away from the city of Qeshm and it is two millions years old. This stunning geological phenomenon is made by erosion of soil, grovel and sand by wind, rain and showers. This surreal landscape is located in Qeshm Island.


غار خربس
Khourbas Cave
15 kilometers away from the city of Qeshm, this cave is one of the oldest geological phenomenon and along with other phenomena and mountains and the island of Qeshm emerged after plication of the Zagros Mountain ranges in the last few thousand years.


غار نمکدان
Namakdan Cave
This is another amazing cave which lies 90 kilometers away from the city of Qeshm. Inside the cave water bubbles up out of rocks and while flows out of the cave, it turns into a salt water spring that pours into a pool a water which look like a snow-covered land.


شیب دراز  ( لاکپشت ها )
Shib Deraz (Turtles)
Shib Deraz is one of the villages in Qeshm Island which is located 70 kilometers away from the city of Qeshm that is an important district due to its proximity to Hengam Island and Hawksbill sea turtle recovery project has attracted tourists to this village.


جزیره هنگام

Hengam Island, 54 kilometers away from the city of Qeshm, has salt, soil and lead mines. Among many tourists attractions and activity are English harbor buildings, watching dolphins which live around the island, swimming and scuba diving around the island, watching sea turtles, crocodile farms and of course scenic rocky and sandy beaches.

قبرستان انگلیسی ها
English Graveyard
English Graveyard is 130 kilometers away from the city of Qeshm in Basa’eed Port. There are only few graves of English emissaries, a small coast castle, watchtower, stone pier and an old cannon. During Fathali Shah’s Reign, some English emissaries and soldiers lived in this island.